• Sassetta

  • Castagneto Carducci

  • San Gimignano

The near surrounding – experience the wonderful area of Tuscany

The little village of Sassetta which has been built on the top of a rock ledge lies between old forest and imposing chestnut trees. An area covered with many forest roads and paths which are used by walkers, horsemen and mountain bikers.

In the picturesque medivial village Monteverdi Marittimo the church Santa Andrea shows a façade with magnificent polychrome ceramic tiles and a beautiful churchyard.

A bid to the north are old villages like Castagneto Cardicci and Bolgheri, to the south the village of Suvereto, which are not only known for their outstanding wines. The local restaurants have the reputation to especially cherish the Tuscan cuisine. We are happy to give you some culinary tips.

To the east are Volterra and San Gimignano – an absolute must for each visitor. The small towns that are located on hills are some of the most beautiful historic habitats of the Tuscany. San Gimignano even belongs to the UNESCO world historical heritage.

  • Siena

  • Pisa

  • Florence

Major Tuscan towns:
Siena, Pisa and Florence

You can reach three of the major Tuscan towns within 2 hours by car or train: Siena, Pisa and Florence.

Siena originates from an Etruscan settlement and had its gilded age in the middle ages and in the renaissance. Old traditions survived for hundreds of years. For example, the “Palio di Siena”, the exiting and spectacular horse race in the centre plaza of the town pulls huge crowds each year from near and far.

In less than an hour you can reach Pisa. We recommend to take the scenic route along the coastal road to Livorno. The former maritime republic of Pisa is nowadays a fascinating mixture between a medieval outdoor museum and a jung student city. Must see attractions are the beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli, the Baptiserium and of course the famous skewed tower of pisa.

And last but not least there is Florence. The metropolis of art is not being called the cradle of the renaissance for nothing. It is a magic place with lots of places to visit. If we can give you one word of advice: allow lots of time for Florence.

  • Pitigliano

  • Sorano

More exceptional places to visit

There are more outstanding places to visit that are a bid further afield. In about 2,5 hours you can reach Serano and Pitigliano. Unique small towns that have been carved out of rocks and that are definitely worth seeing – during the day and in the evening.

  • Vineyard in Maremma

  • Montalcino

  • Montepulciano

Famous wine-growing districts

A wonderful day trip combines some of the most famous Italian wine-growing districts. For example, to the northeast of the villa, the oil and wine road along the Etruscan coast “Strada del Vino e dell´Olio Costa degli Etruschi“. On the stretch between Castagneto Carducci to Blogheri you can taste some of the best wines in Italy.

And in approx. 2 hours’ drive to the southeast the picturesque Montalcino with its citadel, where the famous Brunello is being produced. A bit further on, you can see Montepulciano, with is well known for its Vino Nobile.

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